Welcome to our blog page! This is where we will host some of our resources, information about the work we are doing, and stories of young adults building their resilience. 

Mental Health Awareness

The last year has been filled with uncertainties that have taken a toll on the mental health of millions of people. 

Mental health awareness has increased over the past year, but it’s only the beginning.

Over 1,000 companies such as Ben and Jerry’s, TikTok, YMCA, and Chipotle, have come together to do more than just raise awareness. They’ve came to assist people to take action in taking care of their mentality.

We’re proud to be a founding partner in launching this effort to take action for mental health awareness month. We want to encourage everyone to take ACTION today to focus on your mental wellbeing. 

Doing Good Works is committed to making mental balance a priority for our entire team every day. 

Every member of the Doing Good Works team participates in trauma- informed training to to set the tone for company culture. 

The training introduces the culture we embody every day: we are present, supportive, and nurturing.

Here are some things you can do to help improve your mental health today:

  1. Take Care of Your Body
    • This could mean drinking more water, doing yoga, going for a walk, or even getting that extra hour of sleep.
    • Exercise also increasesendorphins, the “feel good” chemicals in your brain. Moving for just a few minutes a day can help to increase alertness, energy and create a positive mood. 
    • There are thousands of free resources for doing yoga at home, Yoga with Adriene offers hundreds of free videos.
  2. Quiet Your Mind
    • Meditation has many benefits to help lower stress, and improve memory, and focus. You don’t have to be a monk to start your meditation journey.
    • You could look up a guided meditation on youtube – or just sit in a quiet place and focus your attention on your breathing.
    • MoodFit offers a 30 day trial for free on their application that includes meditation practices, mindfulness activities and more!
  3. Surround Yourself with Good People
    • We as humans are social creatures. Healthy relationships and connections are critical for helping you through times of stress.
    • These connections could be with your family, friends, or even with your community or neighborhood. 
    • OurHerd is a mobile app that uses the power of storytelling to help young people navigate their mental ill-health. You can either share or learn from others stories – download it on the app store today!
  4. Ask for Help When You Need It!
    • Asking for help does not mean you’re failing or inadequate at your task. Research shows that people view their own vulnerability in a much more negative way than others.
    • By allowing yourself to reach out to others, you also show your willingness to grow and improve your skill sets. Asking for help might mean reaching out to a friend or colleague for advice, or even a mental health professional. 
    • LiveHealthOnline connects you to expert advice, treatment plans and prescriptions if needed at an affordable rate.

Although these suggestions aren’t a cure for mental health, they are a good place to start to improve and maintain your mental health. 

Join us today, and every day to begin taking action for mental health and stability. 

Reach out to us to get more info on how your company and employees can participate in raising awareness and taking action for mental health awareness month!