Katie Huey

Katie Huey works at Trebuchet Group (B Corp!).


She is the Director of Operations and Content. She’ll be speaking to us about her transition from non-profit work to purpose-based business in addition to other topics.


If you have questions about peer leadership or grief in the workplace, you can bring those questions for her, too!

Date and time
Thursday, August 12

9:00 AM – 10:00 AM PDT

Is it time for the fun?

My title is Director of Operations and Cohesion Coordinator. In my role, I enjoy helping leaders and their team members get results like:
  • Cohesive support to leadership teams
  • Workshop facilitation with a specialization for success in virtual spaces
  • Professional development for emerging leaders
  • Content creation that provides value and new a-ha moments for clients and partners
  • Quality events that answer questions and inspire new results

What gives you hope?

Everyday, ordinary beautiful things. There is so much of life we tend to take for granted when focused on what’s coming next. I often remind myself and others to focus on what’s going right today. We have to believe our micro-interactions can help change the world. Starting from where we are at, rather than waiting for permission to do something brave, is going to help us carry on.

When is a time you practiced or observed courage?

Choosing to share my grief story is something that continuously requires courage. I believe in the power of story and the beauty found in sharing personal experience.

What is your all-time favorite swag item?

Consumables – branded coffee 🙂 And I love journals. I have enough cups and water bottles, and I can always use another journal.

This is a Foster Greatness event in collaboration with Doing Good Works‘ internship programs.