Kelli Hallmark

Kelly currently leads Sephora’s social impact efforts focused on supporting people and communities and aligning with our strong DEI commitment.


These programs include grant-making, strategic and charitable partnerships, disaster relief for employees, employee match programs, in-kind donation programs, cause marketing initiatives and additional community impact initiatives.


Date and time
Thursday, September 2nd

12:00 – 12:45 PM PDT

Is it time for the fun?

What gives you hope?

I feel hopeful for the present and the future when I reflect on my own personal history and that of people I know. Seeing people come together and unite to make the world and society a better place.. seeing the youth advocating for equality and a healthier environment also brings me hope.

When is a time you practiced or observed courage?

I have both practiced and observed courage both in my personal life and professional life. As the daugher of a single mother who encounterd domestic violence, my perspective of courage began in my childhood and is something I continue to leverage when I see something that is not right or fair.

What is your all-time favorite swag item?

Skincare with SPF and a park blanket!

This is a Foster Greatness event in collaboration with Doing Good Works‘ internship programs.