Merlin Clarke

Merlin is a Co-Founder and “Head of Happenings” at Dogeared, a California-based B Corporation and jewelry brand synonymous with real style and meaningful messages.


He’s also the Director of the Do Good Bus. Merlin has committed to being a driving force in bringing awareness to social injustice and the immediate needs of communities


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Date and time Tuesday July 13, 2021

12:00 PM – 12:45 PM PDT


Is it time for the fun?

I drive the Do Good Bus. The Do Good Bus helps people feel more connected than alone.

Our fun volunteering opportunities connect people, business and community. The connections we make improves peoples mental health and well-being through purpose.


By bringing awareness and support to society’s needs, we create a lifestyle of giving and caring.


The Do Good Bus experience gives individuals an opportunity to “do good” together and learn more about their communities. We bring awareness to local causes in need with rides for people who have like minded values and want to work to make a difference.


We create a community of people including new friends, students and employees by promoting the power of working together through team buildings. “Do Gooders” are encouraged to continue support for the causes we visit.

What gives you hope?

Seeing people embrace the joy and sense of belonging when they connect with each other.

When is a time you practiced or observed courage?

Swimming in Bali, we were caught in a riptide, there were three of us. With few options and the situation worsening, myself and friend grabbed the weaker swimmer, knowing this may be a fatal for all of us, we swam out of trouble. Still today, I feel there was force beyond us that gave us the strength and endurance we needed.

What is your all-time favorite swag item?

I rock my Do Good Bus suspenders all the time.

This is a Foster Greatness event in collaboration with Doing Good Works‘ internship programs.