Mentor Program Outcomes

Doing Good Works mentor program hopes to significantly improve our mentee's life outlook.​

The below data represents an aggregate score of questions asked per mentee in regards to the 8 life domains. 

 Growth Mindset 


feel more confident in accepting a growth mindset.

Employment Domain


feel confident in their resumes standing out to future employers.

Finance Domain


 have a clear personal financial plan.

Housing Domain


know where to go for housing support.

Health Domain


feel more confident in their ability to improve their mental health.

Relationship Domain


feel they have a healthier relationship with themselves.

From February-May 2021, Foster Greatness sponsored our second mentorship program, offered through paid internships with Doing Good Works.
With the guidance of Foster Greatness, Doing Good Works hired 11 people who have been impacted by foster care to support our company’s research and mission efforts.
In addition to the work responsibilities, interns participated in a mentor program that focused on gaining knowledge, support, and resources in the Eight Life Domains.
Through one-on-one mentoring relationships with the trauma-informed Doing Good Works team, interns explored their strengths, gained confidence, and developed personally in each of the Eight Life domains of Employment, Finance, Housing, Education, Health, Life Skills, Relationships, and Identity.