Come Join Us!

Hear stories of resilience, hope, and courage, from various professionals across the field. 


This series is designed for people who experienced foster care and others who want to change outcomes for the foster care community.

We are looking for SPEAKERS

We are building our network of speakers for the ‘Foster Your Greatness’ speaker series. Sign up to share your stories of hope, courage, and resilience and highlight ways people and businesses can make the world a better place!

What is Foster Greatness?

Foster Greatness takes a relationship-focused approach to changing outcomes for people who experienced foster care.

The Foster Care system is FAILING YOUNG ADULTS.

Too many people who grew up in foster care face unnecessary difficulties in life, even decades after leaving the foster care system.


experience homelessness within four years of emancipation


give birth to a child between the ages of 15-19


have been incarcerated by age 21


experience post-traumatic stress


are unemployed by age 24


graduate from college

We don’t accept these outcomes and neither should you.

But together WE CAN CHANGE THIS.

We address the root causes

rather than the symptoms, of poor outcomes.

We identify proven strategies

that result in positive outcomes.

We break unhealthy cycles

through nurturing relationships

We can change the possibilities for people who experienced foster care by...

Uniting organizations in and out of the foster care system to work towards a common vision

Developing consistent, caring relationships that lead to healing

Bringing awareness to unresolved trauma

Identifying approaches to manage the complexities of life

Empowering people to find strength in their stories